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William Nikkel is the amazon bestselling author of the Jack Ferrell series Glimmer of Gold, Night Marchers, Cave Dweller, Murrieta Gold, and Blood Gold; a Jack Ferrell novella Tibetan Gold, and the new Max Traver steampunk series.



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Death, Murder, and Greed in the Guyanese Jungle

Marine biologist Jack Ferrell, his two close friends, and an international team of scientists join forces in Guyana, South America to find the source of the lethal toxins poisoning the Mazaruni River. A deadly quest that takes them deep into the Guyanese jungle and could cost them their lives before the hunt is over.


A Gunfighter, An Indian Princess, And The Devil’s Spawn

New Mexico territory: 1899

Max Traver is traveling on the Southern Pacific rail line when a masked robber sticks a shotgun in his face. He hands over his money and prized gold watch, thinking that’s the end of it. Until the outlaw gang carries off the wife and sister-in-law of the owner of the train.

Convinced he can save the women, Traver gives chase in his latest invention; a gyro operated armored transport dubbed GOAT. But an unexpected turn of events, forces him to enlist the aid of his friend Sheriff John Cable, an Apache maiden on a vendetta of her own, and two unexpected allies, to embark on a mission of mercy south of the border. Standing between them and the completion of their deadly quest is the half-man, half-beast Chupacabra, its mechanical creatures, bloodthirsty bandits, and gun-slinging outlaws who want Traver dead.