Devil Wind


Trouble brews when the devil wind blows and a pack of flesh-hungry zombies descend on Coyote Flats in the Nevada desert in 1897—the age of steam and gears and zombies. Ryan McBride has one of the richest gold mines in Nevada. But that’s not enough. He not only intends to own every gold claim in the area, he wants the town, too. And he’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Townspeople are killed and Sheriff John Cable disappears, but not before sending a telegraph to his friend Max Traver requesting his help. Now it’s up to Traver to stop McBride. But first he has to face McBride’s gunman and the zombies . . .


“William Nikkel’s Devil Wind has everything I love in a book: relentless mayhem, great action set pieces, maddening chases, and zombies! Here’s a book that will keep you reading late into the night…and still leave you wanting more!”

~ James Rollins, New York Times bestseller of The Eye of God


“Who else would mix zombies with gunfighters, saloon girls, and lots of whiskey drinking? Written in a fast-paced writing style, William Nikkel’s Devil Wind is a rollicking Wild West tale with a steampunk tweak.

~ Gary Braver, Bestselling and award-winning author of Tunnel Vision

Dance with the Devil

47145526_High Resolution Front Cover_6201989A GUNFIGHTER, AN INDIAN PRINCESS, AND THE DEVIL’S SPAWN

New Mexico territory 1899—Max Traver is traveling on the Southern Pacific rail line when a masked robbers kidnap the wife and sister-in-law of the owner of the train.

With the aid of an Apache princess on a vendetta of her own, his friend Sheriff John Cable, and an unexpected ally, he embarks on a mission of mercy to rescue the women. Standing between them and the completion of their quest is the half-man, half-beast Chupacabra, mechanical creatures,  bloodthirsty bandits, and gun-slinging outlaws who want Traver dead.






Glimmer of Gold

Glimmer-of-Gold_Cover-finalSEX, MURDER, and REVENGE

Join Jack Ferrell when a WWII West Point class ring found in the water off the coast of Maui sends him on a trail of murder and deceit to free a man falsely convicted of murdering his wife.

Where it all begins

The first book in the Jack Ferrell Series




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Night Marchers

Night-Marchers_W-Nikkel-Cover-FinalA DEADLY QUEST FOR LOST TREASURE

A dying old man’s tale sends Marine biologist Jack Ferrell on a quest to recover priceless Hawaiian artifacts before they fall into the hands of a ruthless collector.


“Part mystery, part ghost story, and all high-seas adventure, William Nikkel’s NIGHT MARCHERS is a thrilling novel that mixes modern piracy with Hawaiian history and mysticism. A debut not to be missed!”
—James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author of Blood Line



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Cave Dweller


If you discovered a species of human being the size of a smallchild—believed to have been extinct for 12,000 years—and the only way to ensuretheir survival is to keep the discovery a secret, would you tell the worldabout it?

Marine biologist Jack Ferrell discovers a skull from a species of child-sized human believed to have been extinct 12,000 years. But this skull is no 12,000 year-old fossil. In search of answers, he leads a team ofscientists into a subterranean world where they unearth the truth behind one ofHawaii’s most famous legends: The Menehune.

Praise for CAVE DWELLER:

“William Nikkel’s CAVE DWELLER has everything I love: ripping adventure, buried mysteries, and intrigue that spans centuries. Written in a fantastic cinematic style, I read this book in one sitting. Great story, great adventure, great new writer!”
—James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author of BloodLine

“I must say that William Nikkel knows how to draw you into his story and hold you there. The premise is positively fascinating—scientistson a routine expedition in the Hawaiian waters discover the remains of adiminutive Neolithic like species of humans—possibly the source of the Menehunelegend. But the greater possibility that these creatures—supposedly extinctmillennia ago—still exist would be an astounding anthropological discovery, andone worth killing for.

“In many ways Nikkel is like a latter-day Jules Verne, having written athoroughly enjoyable adventure tale that follows a band of scientists fromsunlit coral reefs to the subterranean depths of remote coastal mountains toremarkable discoveries fraught with high danger. What makes it all work well isbiologist, Jack Ferrell, who is a smart, witty, and affable knight in a wetsuit.He is a well-wrought sympathetic protagonist who is sensitive and romantic whencalled for as well as tough and honorable when faced with mayhem and betrayal.This is also a thriller that satisfies on other levels. Nikkel clearly knowsthe venue of his story. His descriptions are vivid, even cinematic, whether onland or sea. Also he had done his research—biology, oceanography, anthropology,and Pacific culture. But he doesn’t blind the reader with science, yet artfullyweaves it into the action. And above all that, this is a thriller with amessage—and one as old as the cave-dwellers.”
—Gary Braver, bestselling author of Tunnel Vision

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Murrieta Gold


Jack Ferrell’s brother Deacon is missing, and the authorities won’t get involved. Now it’s up to Jack to find him.

Deacon’s trail leads to the Historical California gold-rush town of Angels Camp where a century-old tale sends Jack in search of gold purportedly stolen by the legendary bandit Joaquin Murrieta and hid in the nearby mountains. As he sets out to retrace the fabled bandit’s footsteps, he meets Theresa Montero, Murrieta’s great, great, great granddaughter. The two of them join forces and embark on a deadly quest for the gold. For Jack, it’s to find his brother. For Theresa, it’s to set history straight.

Praise for Murrieta Gold:

Russo’s Read: ‘Murrieta Gold’ Reviewed by Michael Russo

One of the joys of reading novels from local authors is finding unexpected talent in your own backyard. Case in point: retired Kern County Sheriff Det. William Nikkel. Now with four “Jack Ferrell adventures” under his belt, Nikkel is an accomplished storyteller and a capable writer.

In “Murrieta Gold,” Nikkel’s most recent novel, protagonist Jack Ferrell finds himself not only up against a worthy foe, but also history. His adversary is growing marijuana in California Gold Country, but 150 years earlier, the land was the stomping grounds for famed bandit, Joaquin Murrieta. Legend has it that Murrieta buried stolen gold in the area, but died prior to retrieving it. For Jack, the issue is neither the drugs nor the treasure — it is his missing brother who was last seen 11 days earlier. In a race against time, foe and nature, Jack forges forward.

Nikkel’s solid character development and strong storyline keep the book moving at a fast clip. His law enforcement background in patrol, SWAT and homicide add grit to his tales. Throw in some local history, a love interest and lots of action, and you have a winner in “Murrieta Gold.”

— By Michael Russo, co-owner of Russo’s Books at The Marketplace

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Blood Gold


Marine biologist Jack Ferrell, his two close friends, and an international team of scientists join forces in Guyana, South America to find the source of the lethal toxins poisoning the Mazaruni River. A deadly quest that takes them deep into the Guyanese jungle and could cost them their lives before the hunt is over.

Praise for Blood Gold:

“Settle in for an action-packed adventure that grabs you and never let’s go. Jack Ferrell, William Nikkel’s intrepid biologist hero, is back. This time, he’s in South America, where the jungle is an impenetrable wall of green humidity and the river flows with the toxic runoff of that ancient human sin, greed. It’s a powerful setting for a powerful page-turner, peopled with tough men, smart women, and villains who just keep going from bad to worse. Does Jack Ferrell beat the bad guys and make things right? Read and find out. But beware. You may want to read it in a single sitting.”
—William Martin, New York Times bestselling author of “The Lincoln Letter”

“Brings plenty of wild action to an exotic setting.”
—Thomas Perry, New York Times bestselling author of “A String of Beads”

“William Nikkel swings for the fences and hammers a home run in this superlative eco-thriller that will make you think twice before your next dip in the ocean. Blood Gold shines in all respects, a book that’s one part cautionary tale and two parts perfect pacing and unrelenting suspense. This is Carl Hiassen without the laughs, a story that shows what happens when we start taking the environment for granted, as Nikkel stakes his claim to ownership of this particular sub-genre.”
–Jon Land, USA Today bestselling author of Strong Darkness

“Frantic degrees of fast and furious action erupt as the mastermind behind an illegal mining operation in Guyana, South America cares more about an ounce of gold recovered than the river of innocent blood lost throughout nearby villages. Only someone like Jack Ferrell can stop the slaughter. Nikkel’s BLOOD GOLD is intense with pacing that will leave you breathless.”
—Sandra Brannan, author of the Liv Bergen Mystery Series

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DEATH and Vengeance in Paradiseshipwreck_william-nikkel-cover-final

Jack Ferrell never expected to hook a body. When he embarks on a mission to catch and tag a great white plaguing Hawaiian fisherman, he is put to the test, physically and emotionally, in his most challenging adventure yet as he plunges into the treacherous water off the coast of Lanai in an area known as Shipwreck Beach.

A mission that reunites him with a former lover, Dana Mores.

As they head toward disaster, an unfortunate turn of events leaves Jack and his friends marked for death with “Shipwreck” exploding into one of the most dangerous and suspenseful adventures of his career. One that marks a major turning point in his life and leaves him a different kind of man.

Praise for Shipwreck:

“ ‘Shipwreck’ is the perfect blend of mystery and adventure. An engaging, fast-paced thriller with a fascinating and fun hero.”

—Allison Brennan, New York Times Bestselling Author of “Poisonous”

“…a wild adventure of the highest caliber.”

— Grant Blackwood, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

“ ‘Shipwreck’ is the one you’ve been waiting for. Another terrific page-turner from Willie Nikkel, with great locations, riveting action, and best of all, the return of Jack Ferrell… Adventure that starts high and just keeps spiraling higher.”

—William Martin, New York Times Bestselling Author of “Cape Cod” and “The Lincoln Letter”

“After the ocean coughs up a corpse, Jack Ferrell discovers shipwrecks, stolen treasures, and a sinister plan by a stunning beauty that will lead him to heart-wrenching loss. ‘Shipwreck’ is another rare diamond of a gripping high-seas adventure for us fans of William Nikkel’s talent.”

—Sandra Brannan, Author of the Liv Bergen Mystery Series

“Willie Nikkel’s whiplash-paced thriller ‘Shipwreck’ hooks the reader from the first page and won’t let go. Adventurer Jack Ferrell faces his most deadly and personal peril yet, responding with his wits and fists in a style reminiscent of Hemingway’s best. The tension builds to a twist that will leave readers gasping—and wanting more. ‘Shipwreck’ belongs on every thriller fan’s must-read list this fall.”

—KJ Howe, Author of “The Freedom Broker”

Sailor Take Warning

Sailor Take Warning_W Nikkel FinalCoin Fraud, Blackmail, and Lost Treasure

Jack Ferrell is spending time at Lake Tahoe. All he wants is a break from Hawaii to put Dana Mores death behind him. But a twenty-dollar gold piece, thrust into his hand by a dying man draws him into the enigma surrounding the coin.

But he’s not prepared to stick around. Then his brother Deacon asks him to help a lady friend out of a jam. A brief interlude of indiscretion has left pretty, dark-haired, Melissa Martinelli the victim of blackmail.

He’s ready to turn the fake coin over to law enforcement, bring about a quick end to the blackmail scheme, and return to Hawaii when he discovers a clue leading to a century-and-a-half old cache of stolen gold. A trail that entangles him in a web of violence and death in the seedy world of coin fraud, blackmail, and lost treasure. Making him the target of a vengeance-driven man named Ryan Chambers who wants the gold, and Jack’s head on a platter. But nobody wants that more than Chambers’ nephew, Paul Davidson.


Praise for Sailor Take Warning

“A darkly demented tale that’s utterly irresistible. The much-appreciated return of Jack Ferrell serves up a smorgasbord of deceit and duplicitousness across a landscape steeped in classic crime noir. Nikkel seems to be channeling his inner Don Winslow in crafting a book that is equal parts Raymond Chandler, Elmore Leonard, and John D. McDonald. Travis Magee has nothing on Jack Ferrell and Nikkel is every bit the equal of the genre greats ‘Sailor Take Warning’ emulates. Be warned:  You won’t be able to put it down!”

—Jon Land, USA Today Bestselling Author

“A mysterious gold coin . . . a murderous inferno . . . and a story that roars like an F-16. William Nikkel is a true master of the thriller, so crack open Sailor Take Warning and be prepared to stay wide awake till the very last word. Yes, it IS that good.”

—Bestselling author Shane Gericke, The Fury

“William Nikkel has another winner with Sailor Take Warning. This twisty thriller is chock-full of heroic exploits, nasty villains, and hard-boiled action.”

—Boyd Morrison, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

“Don’t let them get this.” The words of a dying man who pressed a gold coin into Jack Ferrell’s hand and extracted a promise “to keep it safe.” Then the mayhem begins. Another great story in this excellent series.

—DP Lyle, award-winning author, lecturer, and story consultant

“The recipient of a mysterious coin, treasure hunter Jack Ferrell once again finds himself in the crosshairs while fulfilling a promise to a dying man.  Foiling a scheme by international scammers, Jack grabs us by the hand and yanks us through another harrowing adventure in SAILOR TAKE WARNING.”

—Sandra Brannan, Author of the Liv Bergen Mystery Series

“ Fast-paced and cleverly told, “SAILOR TAKE WARNING” is an adrenaline-packed beach read. William Nikkel has once again crafted an intelligent thriller that seamlessly blends mystery and pulse-pounding adventure.”

—Simon Gervais, International bestselling author of The Thin Black Line.

“SAILOR TAKE WARNING has an intriguing hero dealing with a lost treasure, rare gold coins, and a sexy blackmail plot.  It does not get any better than that!  This is definitely a warning you should not ignore.”

—Jeff Ayers, Suspense Magazine

“Gold, an unforgettable shootout, and a dark and deadly web of intrigue makes Sailor Take Warning a compelling read.  Authenticity pervades every Jack Ferrell adventure, arising naturally from Nikkel’s extensive law enforcement background and thorough research.  Add a dash of romance and humor, and Nikkel creates a perfectly blended thriller.”

—K.J. Howe, author of The Freedom Broker


Tibetan Gold (A Jack Ferrell Novella)

tibetan-gold_w-nikkel-cover-finalDeception and Resolve Lead to the Recovery of a Golden Idol

Marine biologist Jack Ferrell is on the beach on Maui loading supplies in his Zodiac in preparation to drive his friend’s new boat to Oahu. He hears a woman scream and sees two rough-looking men chasing her on the beach.

It only takes him a second to decide these are not good men.

He waves her into his waiting Zodiac and takes her to his friend’s boat. Safely on board, she tells him the two men chasing her had stolen a golden idol from a collection of antiquities that belonged to her father who died suspiciously. And that she traced the thieves to Maui and stole it back from them. The problem is, she tossed it into the sea to prevent them from reclaiming it.

There’s a chance the precious statue can be recovered and he agrees to go after the idol. A relatively routine task until he finds himself fighting for his life when the thieves come after the girl. And he’s the only person standing between her and certain death.

Praise for Tibetan Gold:

“William Nikkel definitely knows how to kick butt and take names. He’s a gifted storyteller.”

—Steve Berry, New York Times Bestselling Author of “The 14th Colony