Me CroppedI’m often asked what inspires me to write a particular story? An excellent question. The idea for a story can come in any form and at any time: an article I read, news headlines, a comment someone makes, even a song on the radio. Inspiration is as limitless as an author’s imagination.

Where did I get my ideas for the Jack Ferrell novels? Let’s go back to the beginning. My inspiration came when I stood on a stretch South-Maui beach and stared across the channel at the mysterious, deadly, uninhabited island of Kahoolawe.

Living on Maui, I wanted to write stories that resonated with the charm and mystery of the islands. When I read about Hawaii’s many colorful myths and legends, the idea hit me: Incorporate a legend or myth into an Adventure/Suspense story that takes place in the islands. It seemed only right that my first story, in what ended up being The Jack Ferrell Series, incorporated the legend of Maui; the demigod who pulled the islands from the sea with his giant hook. With that in mind, I wrote Glimmer of Gold that first released in 2012. And from there, Night Marchers and Cave Dweller. Jack Ferrell then left the islands in novels #4 and #5: Murrieta Gold and Blood Gold.

For those authors seeking inspiration, look to the town or area of the country you live in for interesting legends, tails, or facts and incorporated them into story. It’s a surefire way to dazzle your followers and keep them reading.

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